Sore Throat in Babies: Causes, Symptoms, and Natural Remedies that Works

Unlike rashes and fever, sore throat is one condition that is not easy to detect in babies as these little ones cannot articulate their problems. However, the earlier you find out the symptoms, the faster you can provide relief to your baby.

You might be wondering, “Can a baby get a sore throat?” Yes, just like adults, babies also do suffer sore throats and it is particularly tough to bear most times as they do not understand what hit them.

The good news, however, is that your little one will show you some signs if they’ve got a sore throat, but that is only if you’re willing to pay close attention to them.

In this article, I will be intentional to highlight the causes of sore throat in babies, discuss some common symptoms babies show forth, and natural remedies for sore throat relief in toddlers.

Yes, you might want to put your child on medical drugs to treat their condition, but note that Homeopathy has been used for many centuries across the world to treat sore throat in children.

Relax, you may grab a cup of tea, while I walk you through some natural remedies for sore throat in babies.

To begin with, let’s quickly talk about this condition and its causes.

Causes of Sore throat in babies

  •         Just like in cases of common cold, sore throat in babies is commonly caused by viral infections. The virus infects the mucus membrane, which often leads to an upper respiratory infection, and then, sore throat.

 Notwithstanding, other factors cause sore throats in babies and toddlers.

  •         Mucus is acidic, and when babies have runny noses, the mucus can infect the throat when it drips, and this can be painful.
  •         When a baby suffers congestion, they often breathe with their mouth wide open, which can cause dryness and irritation of their throat.

Watch out as sore throat is common in babies and toddlers during the Flu season – in Winters 

So, how do you know your baby has a sore throat? Let’s find out!

Common Symptoms of Sore Throat in Babies

To keep it simple for you to understand, I will be mentioning some simple symptoms to tell that your baby is suffering a sore throat condition and needs urgent care.

Babies suffer burning, rawness, tenderness, hoarseness, and irritation when they have a sore throat. But how do you know? I’ll tell you. Your baby has increased irritability and will not want to drink or eat anything that’s too cold or too hot. Well, that’s because it hurts their throat.

Other symptoms that follow sore throat in babies include chills, blocked nose, sneezing, hoarse voice, and swollen glands in the neck.

Most times, sore throat usually resolves within 7-10 days, but in severe cases, it may produce several signs of distress, including forceful or persistent vomiting, rash, high fever, and difficulty breathing and swallowing.

Natural Remedies for Sore Throat in Babies

Like I mentioned earlier, sometimes, viruses cause sore throat in babies and toddlers. But unfortunately, there are no medications at present that will make this condition go away.

So most times, doctors often prescribe medications that contain antacids and cough reflex suppressants. But note that, these drugs are just to relax your baby until the condition resolves on its own.

So are there natural remedies for this condition? Yes, luckily, you can try some simple measures to help your baby or toddler enjoy fast relief and become more comfortable.

However, you need to always consult your pediatrician or a health care professional for diagnosis if needed. We recommend Morkare Natural Clinic for natural options which includes general examination and tailor-made sore throat treatment in babies. Always keep in mind that babies respond differently to treatments, so you need to learn what works best for your own baby.

Homeopathy for Sore Throat in Babies

You may want to try antibiotics for throat infections – tonsillitis/strep throat, but like I said most sore throat conditions are caused by viruses and your baby may only get a temporary relief with antibiotics. This may put your little one to further risk of recurrence with increased severity and affecting their gut microbiome. 

Heard about homeopathy? The natural treatment measure that helps the body recover fast from sicknesses and symptoms of ailments.

Homeopathic preparations such as “NaturePathics Sore Throat Relief” is formulated with strictly natural medicines including Causticum 30C, Mercurius solubilis 30C, Mercurius iodatus flavus 30C, Mercurius iodatus ruber 30C, Phytolacca 30C. This homeopathic Immune Tonic has been used many times to boost the Immune system and it works. You can conveniently use it to complement medicine prescribed by your pediatrician.

More so, homeopathic remedies help acute symptoms from the comfort of your home. You can work with a homeopath to help restore the imbalance of recurrent illnesses. However, make sure you take note of symptoms that your baby shows forth daily.

However, in severe cases where your baby suffers pain from a sore throat or has difficulty swallowing or opening their mouth, you should consult your pediatrician. They may take a swab to determine if it is caused by strep or something else.

Other Natural Measures that Helps Relieve Sore Throat

Apart from homeopathy, you may try other natural sore throat remedies for babies and toddlers, including:

  •         Give your baby plenty of breast milk as it helps boost their immunity and keep them hydrated. For babies older than six months, you can give them water routinely throughout the day.
  •         Give your baby a small sip of chamomile tea, but this is for babies over one year of age.
  •         Keep a humidifier in your baby’s room. This prevents dry air in the room.
  •         Avoid spicy foods or anything rough or acidic in nature.

Words from Dr. Shenaz ( BHMS - Homeopathy)

There you have it, some natural measures that work for Sore throat in babies. Remember to always see your doctor if you notice the symptoms of sore throat in your babies, especially if they are younger than 3 months.

Also, note that antibiotics are often recommended in cases of bacterial infection. Homeopathic medicine has been proven to offer long-term relief for infections, but they do not completely displace conventional medicine. These medicines boost the body’s immune system to fight the cause of the infection and support natural recovery.

Is your baby suffering with sore throats or swollen glands? You can help them feel better with natural remedies. Please get in touch with a Homeopath today to find out how.