Dr Shenaz Morkas (B.HM.S - Homeopathy) is a well regarded and experienced homeopath with more than 17 years of clinical practise and comes from a long line of health professionals.  Dr Morkas has a special passion in helping young families, new mothers and children to live happy and healthy lives.  Through her belief that everyone should have ready access to high quality and natural remedies, Dr Morkas founded the NaturePathics range.
The NaturePathics range has been individually developed by Dr Morkas utilising tried and tested natural ingredients and refined over many years to give you the best health outcomes and results as quickly as possible. 
The NaturePathics range is designed to support the body’s innate healing capabilities, which can be enhanced with the right natural remedies.  Everyone can benefit from the profound impact that NaturePathics range have on improving energy, supporting healing and reducing the need for more serious medical intervention where possible.