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Naturepathics proudly presents the Tongue Tie Kit, a natural remedy designed to offer relief for mild symptoms associated with tongue-tie procedures, scientifically known as frenectomy. This kit is carefully formulated to aid in healing, alleviate inflammation, manage pain, and promote calmness and restful sleep. Whether used before or after the procedure, our kit is a companion for enhancing the recovery journey.

About Tongue Tie Procedures and Post-Procedure Care: Tongue-tie procedures, or frenectomies, are performed to address issues related to restricted tongue movement. While these procedures are often necessary for improved oral functionality, they can lead to discomfort and mild symptoms post-surgery. Naturepathics' Tongue Tie Kit steps in as a supportive natural remedy for these sensitive moments.

Usage Guidelines for Optimal Recovery: Before the Procedure: Prepare for the procedure by incorporating our Calming & Healing Drops into the nighttime routine. Administer 5-10 drops before bedtime to promote a sense of calmness.

Day of the Procedure: Immediately following the procedure, administer 5-10 drops of Calming & Healing Drops. For the initial 2 hours post-procedure, administer these drops every 15 minutes. Over the next 24 hours, continue administering 5-10 drops every 2 hours, even if the patient is not experiencing discomfort. In case of escalating pain, increase the frequency of drops to every 15 minutes until the pain subsides.

Days 2 to 7: Consistency is key for recovery. Continue administering Calming and Healing Drops with 5-10 drops three times a day to ensure continuous support during the initial recovery phase.

Days 8 to 30: Transition to the Repair Drops phase. Administer 5-10 drops orally three times a day for one month. This phase focuses on further aiding the healing process post-procedure.

Conclusion: At Naturepathics, we understand the importance of a smooth and comfortable recovery journey after tongue-tie procedures. Our Tongue Tie Kit offers a natural and holistic approach to assist in healing, managing discomfort, and promoting tranquility during this critical period. Embrace the healing power of nature with our carefully curated Tongue Tie Kit for a more comfortable recovery experience.

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